MXC Coinbase Listing, Immediately Secures Institutional Backing

The MXC Foundation successfully secured one of the biggest exchange listings in the Crypto industry, making MXC the very first Web3 IoT Token to be listed on Coinbase. This did not go unnoticed by strategic backers with an eye for predicting market leaders.

With that said: the MXC Foundation is proud to announce our latest backer to join the already vast list of supporters of our new age global data network. The entire MXC team extends a warm welcome to DWF Labs who have boldly chosen to secure a multi-million dollar purchase into the MXC token, with a commitment to continue their strong support over the coming years.

This comes as one of the latest big names to align themselves with MXC, as the Foundation continues to buck the overall market trends, expanding our global reach further than ever before.

DWF Labs has made this strategic investment into MXC because we see the value that MXC’s global network is bringing to the world of IoT. Being the first Web3 IoT token to be listed on Coinbase is a monumental step for MXC and their future plans to dominate the Web3 IoT sector.

— Andrei Grachev, Managing Partner

Since the launch on Coinbase the MXC Foundation has received significant interest from a wide range of interested parties in the world’s first Web3 IoT Network. We will continue to keep all MXC supporters updated as we continue to pursue the future of connectivity.

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