MXC Is Now Available On Coinbase

Coinbase, a New York Stock Exchange listed and the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has officially listed Meta X Connect ($MXC). Starting from August 31, 2022 at 9AM (PT), Coinbase will open its doors to all MXC supporters and those who wish to join the MXC global IoT movement, building the largest, most robust, and truly decentralised data network in the world. Since the mention of MXC on Coinbase’s listing roadmap, MXC has raised interest amongst some of Crypto’s biggest names. The final decision by Coinbase to list MXC and support the trading of the asset further cements the credibility of MXC and the strength of its data republic network.

First Web 3 IoT Token to List on Coinbase

A Coinbase listing is a truly impressive feat for any token. However, for MXC, this accomplishment resonates further as it is the very first Web 3 IoT (Internet of Things) token to be listed on Coinbase.

The possibility of unlocking technical innovation through the combination of IoT and blockchain has been paramount to the global success of MXC since its beginning in 2017. Since then, MXC has achieved numerous milestones in expanding its technological offering to governments and large businesses alike, such as the government of Shanghai and the multinational corporation of Alibaba. WIth the recent addition of the M2 Pro Miner, it has catapulted MXC and the global IoT network to the forefront of Crypto mining.

Coinbase’s decision to list MXC on its exchange serves as further evidence that the adoption of blockchain-implemented IoT around the world has not only been recognised by the wider crypto industry, but is also necessary to build the data network of tomorrow.

Strong Trust, Stronger Network

Coinbase is famously known for listing only a carefully curated, handful of cryptocurrency assets on its exchange. The listing of MXC, which was a free listing, signals that MXC is now joining the rare, privileged group of tokens and thus building the trust of MXC worldwide.

This is a moment both MXC supporters and the MXC team at large should be extremely proud of. A listing on Coinbase is a strong vote of confidence, a validation that firmly places the MXC movement on the world stage.” Aaron Wagener, MXC Foundation Co-Founder.

The bolstered trust in MXC is bound to increase the strength of MXC’s native MXProtocol, a blockchain-implemented LPWAN network powered by more than 35,000 M2 Pro miners worldwide. The growth and strength of the network is expected to attract more investors, miners, and users, making MXC the token of choice in the Web 3 IoT industry.

Making MXC More Accessible

Coinbase is one of the most used cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet. Both its mobile application and institutional services are used daily by more than 103 million verified users, 14,500 institutions, and 245,000 ecosystem partners in over 100 countries around the world. Moreover, Coinbase now supports direct exchange between MXC and United States Dollar (USD). Combined, this puts MXC in the eyes of millions of new users and institutions. More importantly, the listing of MXC on Coinbase makes MXC more accessible than ever before as users can now trade MXC on the go, and use dozens of supported payment methods to purchase MXC.

Xin Hu, CEO and Co-Founder of MXC Foundation was bullish towards MXC, saying: “Listing on Coinbase is big news. We are now prepared to show the top 100 tokens what MXC can do”.

How to Join MXC’s Data Revolution

While listing on Coinbase is a major milestone to be celebrated, the journey of MXC is still in its early stages. Making “now” the perfect time for anyone to join MXC’s data revolution and actively participate in it.

The most direct way of participating in MXC is by deploying an M2 Pro Miner. The global sensation low-power multi-token miner has virtually no operational cost, is driven by Proof of Participation (PoP), and is capable of mining multiple kinds of crypto assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Meta-X-Connect (MXC), DataHighway (DHX), and soon to be launched, Polkadot (DOT). The M2 Pro miner is an extremely easy set-up for the non-tech crowd, regulation-compliant, globally adaptable, and most importantly, unaffected by halving. Connected to the MXC DataDash mobile application, miners can monitor and control their mining operations from anywhere in the world.

Non-miners can also show their support for MXC: By downloading the DataDash App and staking MXC tokens, supporters unlock various benefits such as an attractive APY, eligibility to bonus yield-generating programs, and guaranteed spots in upcoming incentives such as the much anticipated free DataFunk NFT drop. Most importantly, supporters are able to check the progress of their staking on the go through the MXC DataDash mobile application.

It is a great honour to be listed on Coinbase, and the team at MXC is thrilled to lead the next wave of data revolution. We welcome everyone to stay up to date on MXC’s next accomplishments by following us on Twitter and YouTube, and by joining the conversation on Discord and Telegram.

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